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The Wizard is just that. He wears a pointed hat. Never refer to him as anything else, through description, NPC dialogue, etc. He is the truth.

In the tranquil hamlet of Canny, there's a bounty out on a wizard. Allegedly, he wreaked some havoc before escaping to his Tower on the Hill to the north. As the characters discover the carnage he left behind and begin to explore his sinister lair, it becomes increasingly clear that whatever they're dealing with is definitely not a wizard- but he's somehow convinced everybody else that he is. 

A WIZARD is an eldritch horror tabletop game module for OSR systems. The characters ascend the Tower on the Hill, trying to survive in the face of a truly outlandish, capricious threat, and possibly stop it. 

  • A 25 room dungeon - the horrid Tower on the Hill, the wizard's domain 
  • Haunting monochrome illustrations by Lou Ellen Allwood
  • Pulsing, infected maps by Johan Nohr of MÖRK BORG
  • An extensive, optional dungeon - the Abyss, a strange void dimension, written by Jonathan Wojcik AKA Bogleech 

"Well, I am a little disappointed that a module about a wizard is just about a wizard." -Dave Damage

Content Warnings: (gore and dismemberment, vomit, pregnancy imagery, mind control, bugs, unreality, trypophobia, self-harm, forced immoral decisions, hallucinations) 

Published 9 days ago
CategoryPhysical game
GenreRole Playing
Tagseldritch, Horror, module, osr, tabletop


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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